Whats a good spray/basting liquid?

Chris Allingham

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Apple juice for pork. I've mixed whiskey into apple juice. Never tasted it.

A 50/50 mix of water and Worcestershire sauce for beef. I've done straight apple cider vinegar on brisket. Again, didn't taste it.

Straight water is cheap and effective.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I’m not a spritzer so, I can’t say but, I’ve had spritzed product and didn’t notice any flavor at all, so, I just have not seen any reason to do it


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I use FAJC ( frozen apple juice concentrate) thinned with some bourbon or rum.
You spritz enough you add layers of color ( and flavor)
I usually spritz chops, ribs, pork steaks and polish sausage.
I forgot about this
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