Whatcha get for X-mas?


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Me, I got a Sharp Pebble whetstone, Infrared Thermo, some new oven/grill gloves and some White Sox gear.


Steven P (Tupelo)

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I got some clothes, an Oakridge rub sampler pack, an air fryer, and my favorite thing is a new suitcase that's a major upgrade from my old one.


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Some Nationals gear, winemaking supplies, gift card for iFly and (gasp!) an Instant Pot.

Rich Dahl

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Some Nationals gear, winemaking supplies, gift card for iFly and (gasp!) an Instant Pot.
That's amazing Jim, I got a Camp Chef smoker, a Cuisinart coffee pot, because Barb and I both like to cook a new set of Calphalon cookware, and ta da an Instant Pot.


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I love our Insta pot, gift to ourselves a few years ago.
Started with the 6QT and upgraded to a 8QT.
I use that alot in the winter.



Dalstrong Gladiator series 12” slicing knife. Thing is so sharp it started slicing the meat before I touched it! :)

Also got a nice SS smoke tube for pellets to use smoking salmon.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Now that's a present!


I am totally onboard with captain Kalchik!
Those are the things which are the best gifts!

But, I got a Meater, gasser smoker box and, will be doing big beef for NYD! Oh, I got some dandy booze(Balvenie doublewood x2) among other delights, culinary as well as CD’s, things to read. But, the best thing was grand children, having so much fun trying to figure out some of the weird thing Grandpa thought they would enjoy!
Merry Christmas to all and, to all, a good night!
Time to pull dinner from the Vortex cook for dinner!

Phil Perrin

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Some booze and a new Panthers shirt and hat!
Santa filled our stocking with the same thing that he gets us every year.
Airplane bottles of booze and lotto scratchers!
He DID drop a gift card into Pammi's so that she could get a pedicure! ;)

Lew Newby

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Like Rich and J, I still have my wife. She recovered 100% from a bad stroke that baffled the doctors so she's the same girl I married 55 years ago. We had a wonderful Christmas.


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Cooking related.....thermapen mk4, and the big weber 7648 stainless rib rack (wide enough to keep ends upright without skewering together)

Other...a shimano reel, clothes, auto darkening welding helmet, fishing doo dads, tackle to replace what wife loses... new orbital sander, auto inflating life vest, new weller 200w soldering gun, gift cards, dog care stuff.

And best, both kids home at same time for first time in a year.

And a digital converter. Wife put me to work digitizing 20 yrs of camcorder tapes from kids youth before they degrade any worse.
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