What paint for cart frame?



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Here in the northeast, we had a warm day do I decided to clean my overdue Genesis Silver B. I noticed a bit of rust on the frame when I took lifted up the left shelf. What is a good paint to touch that up?

I have one other question. There is some oxidiation on the right shelf, the half of it closer to the firebox looks fine but for some reason the other half is clouded. What if anything can be done about that?

Thanks in advance.


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You will want to grind the rust and repaint. I use Rustoleum 2X Semi Gloss Black on the frames. If you don't want to grind down the rust, then I suggest a good rust encapsulator like Por15 or Eastwoods. Then use the Rustoleum.

My guess is that the shelf that is partially faded (oxidized) on one side is due to the sun hitting it in only that one area. I have seen it many times before on the Thermoset tables where someone kept their grill in the same spot for many years and the sun only hit one area on the table and that is where it was oxidized.


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I have the equipment to grind the rust. Will pick up some Rusteleum 2X Semi Gloss Black - thanks for the advice. The sun theory sounds right regarding the oxidation.