What keeps you interested in grilling?

Mac Mayhew

TVWBB Member
Hi Jamie,

I have enjoyed your books over the years and probably own about every one of them. I can honestly say that your books have taught me more about grilling than anything else I can think of and for that I say thank you. While I like aspects of all of them, the two that have helped me the most are the charcoal grilling book and the way to grill book. I guess the how and they why fascinate me and I would definitely consider myself a “process-oriented” griller.

With that said, something I was curious about was what drives your passion in grilling. You’ve been doing this a long time, you’ve cooked on many different grills, written a ton of books, taught a bunch of people, and experimented with lots of different techniques. What continues to interest you in grilling and why are you still so passionate about it?



Jamie Purviance

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Wow, Mac. That was such a great message to read. I appreciate the hearty pat on the back.

You know, I treat grilling as a lens to see people and cultures. What people grill and why they grill tells me a lot about who they are and what's important to them. Of course what people grill changes all the time and it varies a good deal around the country and around the world, so it's a fascinating story that never ends. That keeps me interested. Plus I really enjoy eating. It's a great job if you like to eat.

Thanks again,