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I'd almost forgotten I had this little gem. It's probably been 3 or 4 years since I've used it. I went and got some propane canisters today and she fired right up on the first button push. The grate is pretty rusty, so I'm going to see if I can find a reasonably priced replacement. Is this a Q100 or a Q120? I honestly can't recall. Thanks for any input.





Looks like a Q120 to me. Q100 doesn't have side shelves if I remember correctly.

Wait a minute. Looks like a Q220 by the way it fits on the cart.

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The Q is sitting in the Q2xx position on the cart. Have a look at the grates...the Q1xx is a smaller grate. Notice how the Q2xx has more openings between the ribs of the grate on the ends...the Q1xx only has four on either end.


Also, my Q120 does not have a lid thermometer.

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Ed P

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One other thing...if you are thinking about replacing the grates, the early Qs had a one piece grate, and the later Qs have a two piece grate. There are supports for the two piece grate that are cast in the lower bowl that aren't present in the early Qs. You might need an additional support piece that may or may not come with the two piece grates if your Q is lacking the cast-in grate support.


Grate support at Amazon.com

EDIT: Added picture of grate support.
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It’s the older one with a piezo ignition

I’ve had no luck flipping them. The parts are pricey relative to the sales price of a new Q

They do cook well and have a lot of cooking surface area for a portable grill

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I am with Larry, looks like a Q200. I think you can still get aftermarket one piece grates on Amazon and some of the two piece ones come with the clips for the older models so check if they do. Some are plain cast iron, not enameled. I think these are better as the enamel won’t flake off but they do take more maintenance to keep from rusting. If they do rust, you can refurbish/reseason them and you are good to go again.
I can’t show you links as it defaults to Amazon Canada so just check the US site.