Wet Brining Pork Ribs???


Rich G

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What?!?! Are you CRAZY?!?!

Kidding.....I have nothing to offer other than encouragement for you to try it and see if you think it does anything good, bad, different, etc. :)

....and, of course, when you do try it, you have to let us know! :)



I do love Arnies cooking. I prefer dry brine. Salted for an hour and then dusted with dry rub, set for 20 minutes and then grill. I don’t see the value of wet brine on ribs. There’s just not enough meat to go through the effort and dry rubs work perfectly. But go for it and report back.


What do you mean by dry brining ribs? What is your normal process for dry brine?
Dry brining is salting a protein and letting the salt soak in either on the countertop (think thick cut steak) or fridging (like chicken, ribs, a trimmed brisket or roast). The salt forces moisture out of the protein and then the protein absorbs the moisture back in along with the salt. So the salt penetrates and flavors the protein.

Dry brined chicken, helps dry out the chicken’s skin which ensures a very crispy skin when cooked at 400°. Some of the best chicken comes out this way.

Dry brine a whole trimmed brisket, exposed in the fridge overnight and you’ll cook up one heck of a smoked brisket.

Andy Kaminski

I dry brine most everything.
The only thing I won’t dry brine is a pork belly when making bacon.
My one time doing that was a bust so I just stick to a modified Jabin Postal wet brine recipe for that.

The moral to what I said was if it works great I leave well enough alone :).

Anne M.

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I've wet brined pork chops and that works great.
So, I don't see any reason why that wouldn't go well with ribs

Lynn Dollar

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To my terminology, I would not call what was done in the vid to be a brine. That's marinade, as it has no salt. EDIT, I see now he's using his on concoction that has salt in it.

Just last month, I used a Steven Raichlen baby back recipe that used a marinade instead of a rub. It was beer based, using a cherry lambic beer. It was good, but I won't do it again, it was really dependent upon saucing the ribs. There's better ways to season ribs, IMO.