Weber Wood Fire Pit


Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
They had a small sales life as I recall, several other manufacturers came out with a very similar thing with side grates that was much more popular, $75 seems a little much maybe 50?
Something tells me that the Weber one might have come with the side screens too. Im still on a first pot of coffee.

Jason in CA

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I have something similar. It's not Weber brand but I like it. The kids like it when I am burning branches from yard clean up because I usually make sure I have the s'mores stuff on hand. A few weeks ago a Weber one never used hit the classifieds but since I have basically the same thing I ignored the listing too long. Then I decided I would like to have the Weber fire pit but I waited too long and someone else got it.

Dave in KC

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Highly desirable, rare and collectible.
The ad says over a week ld though, so I would
guess that it is long gone.
That one is not in the best of shape though. The original
wooden handles are nowhere to be seen. It appears
to be wet also, which is a great trick to make any
porcelain shine like a new dime for pics, but isn't
really the case when it dries. I would give up to $40 likely for
that one to keep. I would need a much better visual to
see about worth for a flip. Likely looking at $30 or more to
replace the handles.


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Good eye Dave. Yah, I have notice a lot of grills posted for sale that are still wet (supposedly from cleaning them). The wet look does hide a lot of flaws.

Richard in NS

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I got one NIB this spring and put it together but haven’t used it yet. Got to get some sand to put in the bottom as per the instructions. Would like to hear from anyone who has used one.



Wayne Dimirsky

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I also have one that I have never used. Our local hardware store still had two of them sitting outside until earlier this year until a tornado hit the store and did some extensive damage. The fire pits are no longer there so they must have been damaged and thrown away. Both of them weren't in the greatest shape anyway.

Rob M

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I have used one for years during the few cold days a year here in Florida, it is awesome! I also have a couple NIB for spares :rolleyes:

Richard in NS

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Rob, did you put sand in the bottom or configure some kind of grate for it? I have read where people use the charcoal grate for the 26” kettle as a grate. Thanks.


Jeff Canto

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I put sand in the bottom of mine per instructions. I’ve also used a grate on the bottom as well. Tho it doesn’t seem necessary because it’s soon buried in ash anyway.

Richard in NS

TVWBB Wizard
Thanks for the info Jeff. I was going to get a grate but will probably try it with just the sand first and see how it goes.