Weber Summit Charcoal - Kamado E6 - how are you grilling steaks?



About how much charcoal do you put in the bottom when you're running like this? Half a full size chimney or so?
I more often than not just fill the void of the grate in low position up to the upper outer ring and hit the propane ignition and let ‘er eat. I also stir the coals to knock off ash, pile them where ignition assist is and just relight. Can do that a couple times before refilling entirely.

On temp control, I have to have both lower and upper vents choked off, sometimes almost entirely (maybe 1/8 open?). Otherwise temps jump and she churns out some heat!

I would never run any vents wide open. I don’t on my kettles either

Bradley Mack

TVWBB Super Fan
interesting flat cooking ring. material, manufacturer, any feedback/thoughts on it?
The steel ring was made by a local company here in Manitoba called Atlas Steel Co. (I have no affiliation.) I really like it. You can still cook indirect but it gets hot enough that I can use it as a griddle as well.