Weber Steak Knives up north?

Ken I

TVWBB Member
Got through to Weber today and tried to purchase a set of steak knives. She tried to everything but could not sell them to a Canadian customer. US only.

I see them on amazon uk but the price is pretty crazy.

I have an old set of 4 from 2010 and they are like the day I bought them. Would really like a set of the new ones. Once these are gone they are hard to find.

If anyone in the US would be willing to purchase (free shipping and drop them in the mail to me I would certainly pay a few extra bucks for the favour.

Chris Allingham

Staff member
I'll take this on for you, but postage from US to Canada might be as much as the knives!

A medium-sized International Priority Mail flat-rate box with 6-10 business day delivery costs $51.55 to Canada.

First-Class package international service with who-knows-how-long delivery costs $20.75 for up to 2 lbs or $32 for up to 3 lbs to Canada. Combined length/width/height of the box cannot exceed 36 inches.

Still interested?

Which knives are you wanting? This set?