Weber Skittles

Dave in KC

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I did up the yellow and blue this week. The red has been our daily cooker all year.
After deciding to paint the bottom of the grill and the trim on the yellow, I think
I like that look the best. I may start doing all of my Q's that way. One thing about
the yellow .... it takes about twice the amount of paint to cover properly. It took
2 entire cans for the top and bottom, and I have another can on the way, as it looks
good from that distance, but still needs just a little more on the back. $13 per can ....
I used the Rustoleum 2-1 paint and primer on the trim and it seemed to cover like normal.
I can't give away a Q right now, so these will hang around until spring before I find out
if folks here like the yellow or not.
What do you think?


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Dave, I think they really look cool. But, no offense, but there is NO WAY, I would want a yellow grill. It looks cool now, but it won't take long to start looking "dirty". The red is classic but I really like that color of blue. Oh, and while I would shy away from the yellow, I do like the painted part on the stand for that one. I think that would probably look cool on the red and blue as well.

What kind of paint did you use for the lids? Did you put on a coat of clear?

I see that ice on the deck. How are you able to paint this time of year? Do you have a sheltered (heated) place to paint?

Q Skittles: Hahahahahaha

Timothy F. Lewis

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I see Bruce’s point about the yellow but, it’s really cool! I agree, the “extra “ color blast is a “Higher degree of elegance” as a friend used to say!

Tim K

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Dave, I’m going in just the opposite direction and say I love the yellow! I was wanting to paint a Q yellow for tailgating at App State football games, and you just convinced me to do it. I love all 3 colors, and really like the painted stands as well. Just a thought, a Q painted in a local favorite college color may help you sell the Q grills.


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Tim he normally paints all his grills in red because he lives in kansas city. Kansas City Chiefs. I also think the yellow is really cool. I'm just concerned that it would be a b1tch to clean up and keep clean.

Dave in KC

TVWBB All-Star
I am going to pull the trim off the blue and redo it this week.

Bruce, I use the VHT High Heat Header 2000 degree primers and paints exclusively.
I have and use the clear occasionally when needed, but it was not used on the blue
or yellow. I may have on the red, but I do not recall.

I was lucky enough to get those done this week when it was a little warmer one afternoon.
However, I do take things to work occasionally. I work underground in a climate controlled
facility. The parking lot stays about 65 degrees this time of year. I can paint a Q lid or some
trim right in the back of my truck. I have also set up saw horses right in there in the lot and
painted Genesis frames, fireboxes and sides, and a few non Weber projects as well.

I am not all that concerned about the cleaning factor on the yellow. It should not be much
more difficult than the original titanium color. Its basically, white/tan/beige or whatever you
want to call it.


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You paint stuff in the back of your truck? LOL, I can't imagine what the back of your truck looks like. hahaha.

Yep, I really like the colors as well, besides, it will be someone else who has to deal with cleaning the grills. The average buyer likely isn't considering that aspect any way. We all know how that like bling.

Jon Tofte

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I love the yellow! I also like the painted trim and your Skittles (or billiards ball) collection.

I mentioned a while back that with old colorful kettles being priced out of sight by collectors, maybe there is room for collecting Weber Q’s in different colors. A yellow kettle fetches astronomical prices these days, so why not a yellow Q? I didn’t know you could get VHT super high heat in yellow.

I agree that yellow will cleanup as well as any other painted color. It is probably true that a stain that won’t clean off will show more in yellow, but I still think it looks good enough to be worth that possibility.

So now we need an avocado Q. Maybe a two-tone fire mist? Or another classic: one with a western steer?!!!


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I vote for a USA Q grill. Red top, Blue bottom and white cart.

- - - Updated - - -

Or maybe red top, blue bottom and yellow cart.


I like all the colors, great job!

My preference
Blue (always love blue)
Red (Classic, I will do red before Spring)
Yellow (too flashy for me, and maintenance for keeping it pretty is much for me)

Do what you do, because you do great work!