Weber Q220 Restiration



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Weber Q220 Restoration what do you guys think


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Couple more questions.
That lid handle is definitely not factory. Where did you get that? Those fold out stainless tables are not factory either. What is the story behind those?


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The lid was not original red it was the basic titanium color and I painted with a red caliper paint from my local hardware store. It already had a slight semi gloss and I ended up using the whole can. I actually do not think The Weber Q220 comes in factory red at all. Rust-Oleum 251591 12-ounce, Red Automotive Caliper Spray Paint

The lid handle definitely is not a factory handle. I found a seller on facebook marketplace that sells them in different stain colors. It blew my mind when I found these on the site. He custom makes them for you and you can request the stain color and the weber name color for you. I also have a black one with ivory lettering as well. Just go to facebook marketplace and search for ( weber q replacement handle ) he goes by the name Brian O'neal. Just send him a message about what your looking for and he will custom paint it for you.

The fold out side tables are also not factory installed and they are from Australia. They are so sturdy and strong and not flimsy at all like the plastic factory weber side tables. These are Kanon Stainless Steel Side Tables that I got on ebay that were shipped from australia but here is the actual website for all there cool stuff. Im actually looking into a stainless steel convection tray that they have for the weber q roast rack that was discontinued in the usa.

I also removed the regulator and just screwed on a quick fit connector. I was trying to figure out a warming rack that would sit further back on the grill instead of being closer to the middle of the grill and also wanted it to sit up a lil higher than the 2.5 in . So i bought a weber warming rack for the weber q300 and cut off the legs and made my own legs from bolts and nuts from a hardware store. I also found out that the napoleon travelq pro 285 has a warming rack that sits all the way to back of the grill and attaches to the lid hinge bolts which creates a legless space on the grill for a beautiful leg free grilling area to work with but I have to order it and figure out how to make it work on a weber q but for now this is what I have posted for the moment. I also took the dip and decided on adding the electronic igniter which is not displayed in the picture. Im actually waiting for it to arrive shortly so I can install it.


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Just go to facebook marketplace and search for ( weber q replacement handle ) he goes by the name Brian O'neal.
He used to be a member here then left and started WKC ( Weber Kettle Club )
He does nice work and pretty reasonable.


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I also restored a Weber Silver Genesis Silver B about ten years ago and thats what got me to want to restore a weber q. There is just something about restoring something old and giving it new life. Now that I think about I also got an older sunbeam patio master portable grill just like a propane weber go anywhere that I upgraded a lil bit myself. I stained the handles and added some weber parts and actually installed a weber q 1200 burner inside of it. I guess you can say its my lil frankenstein go anywhere. I should post it here soon and a even have a camp fire weekender that I modified to work with a camp fire 24" griddle and front drip tray its a beauty as well.


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Here is my warming rack that I was able to customize to my Weber q and still be able to shut the lid if needed


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