Weber Q Electric

Will appreciate your comments on a New Electric WeberQ 2400 equipped with the large Weber Stand which costs five-hundred($500) dollars here in Costa Rica.


TVWBB Olympian
I used to own a Q140 (the smaller version). It worked ok. Nothing to write home about. One thing I noticed about it though is it got filthy in nothing flat. Just a very dirty to use grill. Maybe just did not get hot enough. Also like any electric. the second you lifted the lid all the heat went away and took forever to come back


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Pretty hard to compare CR to US. I know a dollar is a dollar, but my first inclination is "Heck No". You could by the same setup here in the US for a little over $400 new. Are they fairly popular in CR? If so, I would look for a used one and clean it up. I have a Q2400 that I bought for $40 that was only used a few times. I will be rehabbing that this spring and selling it for about $200.

If you want my thoughts on the grill itself, I would say they are great for places that don't allow open flames, but if you could own a Q2000 propane grill, I suggest you go that route. As Larry says, they take a long time to heat up and if you open them, they loose heat quick a take a long time to get back up to grilling temp. If you are one of those that likes to peek at the food every few minutes, you might not be too happy with it.