Weber Kettle Smoker Custom Base and Sides


Chris D Norton

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Just thought I’d throw this one on here as I’m excited about my new project.

a little too tall to sit on the original legs so I got my saws out and this happened.

Smoking a brisket now andwith the HeaterMeter she’s running within 2 deg!!

Just finished some bacon

I have a 22 but the thickness of the aluminum stock pot holds temps very well.


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Chris D Norton

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I can’t find the original with 4 handles but it was a 160 qt pot. It was a shy small so I had to wrap the bottom where it tucks into the kettle with 1/4 gasket to seal the base. The gap was too large and letting in air.

also up to 3 grates on the inside. And a free floating water pan in the middle. I stole the idea from the Weber mini that was popular on here and just made it 3 times the size. Lol. I made a Weber mini and loved it. This was just a fun project. But sure enough its better than my 22 because the aluminum is so thick.

just smoked a brisket and used 1/2 basket for a 15 hour cook at 225. And I’m using the basket from my 18 inch. I think this would run for 30+ hours no problem.

Chris D Norton

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Here is a zoomed in picture of the gasket. It was 800 deg bbq gasket. I used the same under the lid so it sealed the top as well.


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