Weber Imperial Sequoia makeover



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I picked up this Weber Sequoia locally a few weeks ago and finally had some time off this week to do some work on it. It had been repainted and has had a few boards replaced (looks like he used cedar not redwood) and it is missing the ash pan and the lid hooks and towel rings and one board on one of the bottom ends. I'll eventually replace them with redwood to complete the look. I sanded it down and put an oil finish on it and replaced the weber plastic wheels with steel and rubber ones. The red wheel color is not original but it does match the bowl color. I'll look for a replacement ash pan and find a close replica of the hardware also. I'll be putting it to work sometime later this week.





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Rolf Jacobsen

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Wow! Very, very nice. I'm impressed and the restore you did looks awesome. Good luck finding the remainder of the hardware.


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Beautiful, that's a great find.

Thanks, yes I was fortunate to see it right after it was listed and made contact with him. The seller was a friendly, older gentleman that said that it was stored at his cabin up north but not used in a while so he decided to bring it back to the cities and sell it. Funny thing is he almost didn't bother to bring it back to sell it after his son said he doubted anyone would want to buy that old thing!

Craig H

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Nice score! The larger tabs on the bowl vents and lid vent suggests this to be a 1978 or 1979 Sequoia. Do you have a close up photo of the lid vent by chance? Also, I love the new custom wheels on it. Its weird seeing the modern plastic wheels on those but they were there towards the end of this model. :)

Jerome D.

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Awesome! You've earned major bragging rights on this one! That thing will be a great conversation-starter at cookouts.

Frank H

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Oh , wow! That is gorgeous . And you wheel it like a wheelbarrow , what a neat idea! Great find , brother!