Weber igrill 2 thermometers

D. Dix

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Are there any reviews on the Weber igrill 2 thermometers? Was curious as to their quality, accuracy, working with the app, etc...
D. Dix

Dustin Dorsey

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It's a decent product. Accuracy is fine, but they've recently rebuilt the app from the ground up and it's not as good as it was. They don't let you set a range for the ambient probe for instance. The other issue is mostly a problem with blue tooth not having a lot of range, so you'll experience some disconnects. It's worthless for an overnight cook because if it disconnects, it never alerts you. The advantage is you can have 4 probes going at once. The spools for the probe wires are nice and allows you to store your probes neatly.

There's a feature where the temps are displayed on the home screen even if you aren't in the app. The problem is if you disconnect that just stops updating and doesn't alert you. So I messed up a reverse seared steak pretty bad, but thinking that temp was accurate. If you know that's an issue, then it's not a problem. Just check the temp in the actual app. It's really best for shorter cooks where you need a lot of probes.

Dustin Flavell

I have had mine for a couple of years now. Dustin is correct the range is not great and it is a pain when it disconnects since there is not an alert. I was concerned that the probes would not hold up long based on another review but I use mine a lot and I have to admit that all four probes (2 meat, 2 temp) still function as they did new.

Having the ability to use four probes with one unit is great and I like how it displays on my phone with all four temps. The app in my opinion is pretty well useless beyond point in time temperature monitoring.

I bought mine on sale at Sams club a few years back for 79 bucks. If I had to do over again and had to pay full price I might consider a different unit. But all in all I am satisfied with the Igrill 2 and would recommend.


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I'm not sure I'd recommend it right now. While I have loved mine, the app rework really killed a lot of the functionality that made it great. They're promising to put it back, but it's kind of expensive to trust in promises.

Like Dustin, I got a deal on mine at Sam's (I think I got mine for $60), but at $100 I'd probably go Thermoworks Smoke. Right now they're selling open box models for (relatively) cheap:


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I have to agree with the other reviewers about the app. When iDevices still owned the iGrill2 I had no connection problems. But the apps that Weber has put out have horrible connection issues. And that's on two iGrill2s and two different iOS devices. Until the app is fixed, I can't recommend the iGrill2. You pretty much have to run to your grill to check the temps.

Robb Kruger

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Unfortunately, I am in the same boat. I have been a staunch supporter of iGrill, owning both the mini and the iGrill2. While iDevices owned the hardware, updates were seamless and connectivity seemed to improve with each release.

The August 11th app update by Weber resulted in a disturbing loos of functionality as well as a decrease in range. I was jazzed that Weber picked up the device, as ownership by a true outdoor cooking company that really listens to its customer base should have only made a great accessory even better... unfortunately, that has not been the case, and Weber so far has not met their own deadlines in bringing back functionality.

Mike Durso

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It used to "burn me up" when I worked at Weber and said "You know you can Bluetooth all this and have it on your phone" and they'd look at me as it I were from space; changing the subject to lawsuits. This is why you couldn't adjust the target temp on any of the transmitter/receiver probes at the time. They were afraid that someone would set a pork roast to 110 degrees and die.

It's good that they moved out a lot of the old folks and got with the times, but they could have been way ahead of the curve.

Ron G.

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... Like Dustin, I got a deal on mine at Sam's (I think I got mine for $60), but at $100 I'd probably go Thermoworks Smoke. Right now they're selling open box models for (relatively) cheap:
Although I have not had any experience with the iGrill - I'll "second" what PhilP said

I have the Thermoworks Smoke replacing an old Maverick Single-Channel unit and it's MUCH better / better range (although BT costs extra) and VERY intuitive to set-up and use - Dad would've called it "Duck Soup" ;-)

Dunc Davis

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Wire whoes of iGrill II

The iGrill II unfortunately has problems in respect Bluetooth connectivity but more annoying is the problem of crossed wires...if you have 2, 3 or 4 probes monitoring meat temperatures when you try to turn the steaks it is a total nightmare trying to keep wires in in some semblance of order....not possible, total mess.
Weber need to get their antiquated iGrill systems into wireless mode like MEATER...a much better system than iGrill