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Peter Shaw

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Hi all!

New member from Minnesota here. Came across this forum last week and, boy, it got me going! I've had a Weber Genesis 2000 for about 8 years now. Got it from a guy who kept it pretty meticulous (he was German, of course). Just find the invoice for it, he paid about $690 for it in '96. Anyway, as a busy father, etc., I did not treat the old beauty so well and there was many a winter night where the poor thing sat there uncovered in the snow/sleet.

We're moving to a new house with a built-in outdoor gas connection so I was thinking about a new grill. Somehow I came across a photo of a restored Weber Genesis and that got me really excited to restore my own. Not sure why, I'm certainly not the handiest guy in the world and I definitely lack good tools. Maybe I'm just getting to be an "old guy"? I also love the classic, retro looks. I didn't give her 2 seconds of thought the past 8 years and this last week it became an all consuming passion! Thank you all for the wonderful resources and guidance you've shared on these forums. Couldn't have done it without you.

One more mea culpa. Stupidly I did not take a before picture (too eager and just dove into disassembly). It looked pretty much like this, although a bit better:


Below are the after pics. The day pictures were taken before I installed the new igniter so you'll see the control panel popped up. Cleaned with Simple Green and 0000 wool. Slats are cedar. I used a water-based spar urethane because I wanted to keep the natural white-ish look of the pine. I like the contrast with the black.

Spray painted the frame with Rustoleum high heat Ultra and the firebox and side panels with the Rustoleum high heat flat. I didn't sand off the Weber symbol because I liked the matte. Also spray painted the wheels. So, yes, I can be accused of not being 100% authentic in restoration. The wood handle is the original. I just sanded it down and added spar. I think the patina is cool. Ordered new flavorizers from RCplaneguy. Spending loads of money on the new house but will plan to buy new SS grates in the next few months if the fates allow.

Very happy I was able to get that flip table back on. Had to monkey with that for a while. I'm sure I've made some mistakes but I love I gotta find another one to fix up!


Welcome Peter and nice job on that grill! Just remember if you are going to hook it up to Natural gas that you should really swap the propane manifold with the correct one for NG, they are not the same.
Thanks Steve and Bruce. Steve, good point about the NG swap. I think I read about that but failed to put 2 and 2 together.

I’ll keep my NFL allegiances secret…for now.
Peter, if you are a Packers fan, I won't be too upset. Growing up in the 60's and living on the boarder (Winona), the fans were split about 50/50 with the Vikings being a new team and previously nearly everyone was a Packer fan. There is still a very large chunk of die hard packer fans in Minnesota. Which is fine. I like that people are loyal fans.
I’m a bit of a rare bird, Bruce. Grew up 30 minutes from Lambeau but spent a couple formative years in SF in the 80s so grew up a niners fan. HATED the Packers when they were trouncing my niners in the 90s but have since lightened up and dare I say have a certain soft spot for them now. While I’m no Vikings fan, I do like this fine state that’s been my home the past 15 years.
So what’s the best way to source the NG manifold for a 2000? Post on the parts forum? I’ve done a bit of googling but nothings popped up yet.
Many times a donor grill can be found that is unmolested, or someone on the boards here will want to trade
So what’s the best way to source the NG manifold for a 2000? Post on the parts forum? I’ve done a bit of googling but nothings popped up yet.
The part you need is Weber #56039. You can try and find a NG grill locally as @LMichaels suggested to get the part off of. I also happen to have a very nice one that I would be willing to sell if you can't get one any other way.IMG_20230811_191957998.jpgIMG_20230811_191924898.jpg
I may have one. If I do, I would trade that for grease pan from a Genesis E300 series front control grill. I know it is a long shot, but thought I would throw that out there.
She looks great! Well done, I definitely like it.

And…..go Broncos! Although NFL is fixing to tick me off for good, blackouts and their scamming me for their + that doesn’t work. But I digress….the grill is awesome.
Thanks Tim! I hear you about the NFL...and now my beloved Big10/college football landscape is looking so weird it's hard to find the same joy given the professionalization and hit to traditional alignments. I guess there's always HS Friday night lights....
Yep. College is going a very bad way right now…..not liking it either. Hard to keep up anymore
hi all! I’ve been busy with the move but wanted to post a quick update. The Weber is all moved in and hooked up to NG! Thanks to Steve Hoch for the NG manifold. It works like a dream and was clean as a whistle!


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