Weber Family Portraits

Redhead sister insists on getting naked for family portrait in the snow. Not pictured: propane silver C(ousin).

Always something happening in Colorado weather. Now we should get a false "time to plant your garden" warm spell followe by one or two more hard freezes right at Mother's Day to punish everyone who did plant their garden early.
Had a little get together last week. A pair of Kettle fans brought the 18 WSM, Red 18 OTG, PP Avocado 18, Lime SJ and Kettle Pizza attachment. We cooked from 12.30-11pm.

2015 Genesis S330
2012 18" WSM
2010 26" Black Kettle
1976 22" Black Kettle
1982 22" Red Kettle
2005 Baby "Q"
SJS Go Giants Mini
Lodge Go Giants Sportsman
Only thing missing is a Santa Maria


Sharing my weber family. The performer was the start of it all. It was purchased used while I was in university. I recently purchased some new parts for it to make it nearly new. I just got the go anywhere last week to use while travelling this summer.
I did the same thing to build my grill cart, shorted the sides to fit my area and put the plastic ends back on.


Here is a picture of my Weber family. I bought my first Weber in March of 2016, that was the performer. I have acquired a few more since then, they are truly the best. I'm hoping Santa Clause will bring me a WSM to round out the family.