Weber Family Portraits

My modest family, living under lock and key, in MY shed!! :)


Been meaning to get the family together for a photo. Took this over the weekend. Have another red head in the garage that needs some work...but the rest of the gang is all here!

Been popping in from time to time but it has some months since I made a post here. Last year saw me with Weberitis bad boys. I started the year with a black and blue OTG.

From early November:


These 3 redheads showed up in early December:


Love this shot:



Thanks to all the Grillfellas who helped me in building this is good to have friends and I have great ones.
Family portrait, yes they are there, a OTG 22.5, Smokey Joe, WSM 22.5, and you can see the 14.5 WSM peeping out of a 6 foot snow bank. 8 feet of snow in 25 days in Boston! A bit unusual

Still grilling on the Silver B since I cannot get to my store of charcoal it is buried under the snow!

My grills
Smokey Joe mini WSM (built June 2013)
Black kettle Happy Cooker 1984
Performer Deluxe (Dark Blue) assembled today. breaking it in tomorrow.


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My small family.

I just upgraded my 18.5" silver to gold. The 22.5" silver and the 26.75" gold plus the Genesis EP-330
Great pics of everyone's webers here. I have hidden so many webers at other houses that my wife would freak out if I brought them all home for a photo. But here is my list:

1 ranch kettle (keep at my sisters house for big family parties)
1 Genesis propane
1 26.75 OTG
1 stainless performer (keep at my moms house)
1 plastic table performer (keep at my wife's parents house)
1 22" OTG (stored in the IT closet at work)
1 Jumbo Joe (old style - keep at moms house)
2 Jumbo Joe's (new style)
1 22" WSM
1 18" WSM
2 14" WSMs (one of them at moms house)

One day I will bring them home for a reunion picture. Although I don't think the ranch will get past the shed into the back yard.
After a year of buying and selling craigslist finds.
I finally have a collection and felt like posting:

New 18" WSM with PITMASTER IQ 110 and New Performer Deluxe will be my go to's.
The 18" 3 wheeler was a craigslist score primarily for tailgating and traveling.
The SJG Mini WSM is the old sentimental favorite.
The Genesis still serves as a workhouse for family parties.
Here's my Weber family pic. Just added the performer it was a Craigslist find.