Weber 2880 WSM sales receipt from Christmas 1990

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Here's something you don't see every day...a sales receipt for a WSM from Christmas 1990...27 years ago.

This was sent to me by Janis C. Janis writes, "I have attached a copy of my Smokey Mountain Cooker receipt. Per the receipt, it was purchased at Nicholas Hardware. The city and state are not printed on the receipt, but I do know that it was purchased in a hardware store in either Bucks or Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.

"We are still using this smoker. It needs a replacement handle; we have replaced the charcoal grate. Just cooked a 10# Boston butt to perfection in the smoker last week."

I did a little research and found that Nicholas Hardware was a True Value store in Quakertown, Bucks County, PA and went bankrupt in 1995.

After sharing this new info by email, Janis said, "I wanted to think it was a True Value store and I was thinking Allentown or Quakertown were possibilities; we are from Louisiana and have lived most of our lives here, but were living near Doylestown, PA at the time. I don't remember why we stopped at the hardware store that day, but it wasn't to buy a Smokey Mountain Cooker! I remember we happened to see the grill with a sale sign on it; I know we hesitated a bit, but we bought it and have never regretted the purchase.​"

Notice the line item on the receipt:

*DISC* 2880 SMOKER 123.75

So it was discounted from some unknown price to $123.75 and purchased on Christmas Eve, 12/24/90 at 2:55PM. Just guessing here, but a 25% discount on $165 results in a sale price of $123.75.

Anyway, it seems like this WSM was a self-gifted Christmas present, although Janis doesn't say so!