Viewing off network

Jon Teague

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I could have sworn I saw a thread once about the possibility of viewing your cooks while off of your network. Could someone point me in the right direction, Ive searched and apparently I am not looking for the right thing. Thanks!

Bryan Mayland

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To do this all you have to do is poke a hole in your internet router's firewall to direct web traffic to the HeaterMeter. Usually it is called "Port Forwarding" in the router UI. The key things you need to add are:
Protocol: TCP
External Port: (pick any number between 1025 to 65534)
Internal Host/IP: Enter the local IP address of HeaterMeter
Internal Port: 80 (for http:// unencrypted) or 443 (https:// encrypted)

At that point you should be able to connect to HeaterMeter by browsing to (router external IP):(selected external port). If that works, you can use a "dynamic DNS" service like DynDNS ( or NoIP ( to give it a name instead of the external IP address, like port).

It's not very complicated but unfortunately, every brand and model of internet router has the options labeled differently or some different way of entering the information so it is impossible to provide a howto guide or any step by step instructions. Even two current models from the same company can have vastly different UIs. If you get stuck you can post some screenshots from your router admin interface and we can help you figure it out though.


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There is a handy website called 'portforward dot com', (am i allowed to link websites?) - you might even find your exact router in there. .