Vegetables and desserts on the grill


Don Fry

TVWBB Super Fan
Both vegetables and desserts on the grill seem to be areas that a lot of us are starting to venture into heavily. What about you in your personal cooking? Are you jumping on this bandwagon or so you still enjoy making the traditional favorites?
First of all the whole purpose of my new Famous Dave's Barbecue Party Cookbook was to encourage folks to do more than just cook the same o same o. No more just burgers & hot dogs on the grill...or even for that matter... just don't cook ribs and grill chicken! For example: I have a lot of really great innovative BBQ appetizers that can be made an any Weber Kettle like my Smokin' Cherry Bombs... moonshine marinated cherries with a slice of hot italian sausage wrapped in bacon and smoked...MMMmmm tasty! Or my Smoked Turkey Paninis with Blueberry Chipotle Mayo and if you love shrimp... you've got to try my BBQ Shrimp with a Grand Marnier marinated Margarita Mango Avocado Salsa. BBQ can be so much more than just ribs or chicken on a grill. I am especially excited to recommend Weber's Rotisserie and I have a great seasoning for rotisserie chicken that will knock your socks off. In fact this rotisserie chicken recipe is so juicy... I often tell folks that the only thing juicier than my chicken is some good gossip! I also love making BBQ Pizza on the grill... Weber makes a Pizza Stone that makes absolutely a better pizza than most pizza joints... in fact I am fond of saying that with my new pizza on the grill recipe in my cookbook... you can turn your backyard grill into the best pizza joint in town!!! And I do love desserts on the grill. You can make some amazing Rum Soaked Grilled Pound Cake with Grilled Pineapple desserts on the grill! and all these tasty treats are found in my new cookbook...You've got to get my new Famous Dave's Barbecue Party Cookbook. Go to or you can find it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble or their website for the best deals... Blessings my friend... "Famous Dave"