Utility Grade Beef



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Not sure if this is a US thing, but in Canada, they have "Utility Grade" beef - just saw some at Costco - Beef Tenderloin to be exact.

Anyone ever tried? I find tenderloin somewhat tasteless even when it is AAA or Prime, so really tempted to give it a try if it's just to smother it in sauce or bacon wrap it anyways..... Given current beef prices, it was 1/4 the price.


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Never heard of it so I googled it.

Utility grade beef?​

Utility grade beef comes from older cattle that have no fat marbling hence this grade’s meat lacks tenderness and flavor. It is used for canned and processed products.

Eight grades of beef are defined by the United States Department of Agriculture beef grading system. They are:

  • Prime
  • Choice
  • Select
  • Standard
  • Commercial
  • Utility
  • Cutter
  • Canner
Pretty far down the list. Maybe a roast?


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Grind it with Pork Belly, 60/40 beef / pork belly. If you're like me, 50/50 works nicely and throw in an skinned Italian Sausage or two. Add some chopped onions and some finely grated cheese. You got some serious good eats

Bob Bailey

Utility grade in the US is mostly old cows. Generally quite lean with yellow external fat and almost no marbling. I worked in a packing house about 50 years ago that specialized in boneless beef for lunchmeat, sausage and salami producers. We had a couple of restaurant supply houses that bought some of the primal cuts, but the rest was boned out. On occasion I'd find a better than normal looking NY strip and steak it out. After a good marinade it was decent from what I recall, but those were hungry days and steaks were a rarity :)