Using two fans for heatermeter


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Hi all. I have a WSM 22.5" smoker and it seems to me that the stock fan can not always handle higher temperatures without me having to go outside and open up some of the side vents in addition to the fan. I was considering using a larger fan. But then I was wondering if it would be possible for me to add an extra fan instead? If I used a LAN cable splitter, could I add another stock fan to my setup and thus be equivalent to having 1 larger fan?


What exactly are "higher temperatures"? The Delta fan does well with smoking temperatures on a WSM, but may be limited with higher "grilling" temps. You could use 2 fans, but it would require a larger power supply.

What is your current setup? Fan only? Fan/Damper?


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The stock 6.5 CFM
fan is more than enough if it is not tool restricted. May need a larger opening? If you power the fan with 12v on the bench, you will see it has adequate airflow. If you want to go the two fan route, I think it could handle two wired in parallel since they are only 0.23A each. Bryan has stated the fan output is rated for 1A. By stock fan, I assume you mean delta bfb0512vhd?


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If you cant reach higher temps easily
Its because you didnt light enough coals to start with
Maybe this is my problem then? By higher temps I am saying like around 250-260 degrees. I can hold 225-230 or so with the stock fan (yes delta bfb0512vhd ). Typically if I want to go higher than 230 I need to start opening up the other vents in addition to the fan. I am using a fan and damper.

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In my egg, I can do 325-350F without needing more fan. If I want to go higher I just open a vent a little. Opening a vent sort of adds small baseline of airflow and then the HeaterMeter handles the rest to be able to control the temps. I can maintain 550F +/-10F by having the bottom open about an inch and the top wheel open. I'd suggest just opening a vent a little instead of adding another fan. You can tell if you have too much vent open if HeaterMeter stays at 0% output but the temperature doesn't go down below your setpoint at all.