Using the 22.5"wsm like a stick burner.



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I don't have a offset smoker and have always wanted to try smoking over wood. So i tried this method with pizza and it works great so I thought why not with ribs?
So here's the set up: BB ribs with Bad Byron's Butt Rub, drip pan underneath, and I used pecan wood for smoke/fuel.

Was going for 300-350°. Once the temp got to 300° i added one or two more chunks. Was pretty simple to manage the fire. Here we are after 3hrs 25mins.

Put some bbq sauce on and another 5mins.

I had the water pan removed cuz I thought that it might give me better air flow that way. The ribs came out very good, a tad on the dry side but not bad.
All in all it was a fun experience and as it type I'm cooking some chicken the same way. Give it a shot, and thanks for looking! See you next cook!
All most forgot! Here's a video of the cook.
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yeah. good stuff ! I have often wondered about using wood in the WSM...just never had the Juevos to do it. good on ya !


Plus it must be easier to have fire in the 22" vs the 18.5". Lots more room for fire.

I am assuming you also had to manage the fire more often charcoal?

glen jones

One more step...take out the pan and let the meat drip on the coals and you will have a large Pit Barrel Cooker.