Two-Fer Day on the S6



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Cool, rainy day here today and had half of a brisket flat sitting in the fridge in corned beef brine. We made corned beef from the first half after being in the brine 7 days and I was going to try 14 day corned beef, but altered course and decided to try some pastrami instead. This was also the first time we ever made corned beef and it was amazing!! Had lots of room left on the S6 so pulled out a small pork blade roast and decided to smoke both at the same time. Charcoal is getting expensive here so getting some double duty from that nice stuff!! Rubbed then both up and on they go... Pork rubbed with pepper, salt, seasoned salt, garlic, onion, and paprila. Beef rubbed with black pepper and coriander (and a little paprika for more color).

Also my first time I have tried to smoke on the S6 using the SnS positioning for coals too. Was already set up that way from my previous cook and didn't feel like doing a complete changeover to the lower level.


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Few hours later...amazing bark has formed. Have put the pastrami in a foil "boat" to push it up to 200 or so. Still monitoring the pork as it's about 150ish.



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Thanks. Certainly the whole corned beef/pastrami process has been a very interesting experience.

I've pulled the beef off at around 160 degrees as it has totally stalled too long and I am not going to make dinner at this rate. As many recipes do anyways, pastrami is often steamed to the finish, so it is going into the instant pot next to steam until done. Beautiful I have ever had on a cut.



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...and the final product. Was very good, but I did not think it was tender enough for my satisfaction. I think that came down to the final cooking (steaming) technique and not left in long enough....but we had to eat!


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Wow that looks amazing, bummer it wasn't as tender as you hoped, just gives you room for improvement next time!
That's exactly what I was going to say -- amazing! Another amazing thing is how long a smoke session can take -- can really interfere with dinner plans. So, yes, maybe next time.

I tried a doing a pastrami starting with a store bought corned beef flat years back. I was ok, but not great. You pics have me thinking of trying again from scratch. The previous was before we got a Costco and they always have good briskets -- packers and flats. Made me hungry, Grant!