Two day brisket


Clay Neubauer

TVWBB Super Fan
Silly me, didn't get any pics of what we cooked on the 4th of July itself at a friend's place (couple of rotisserie pork loins, and fried 12 pounds of catfish and bass from our farm ponds) but I did have a little more free time the next day for this. Had a small chunk of brisket in the freezer to use up, it went into the sous vide at 155 degrees Friday afternoon. Sunday afternoon gave it about an hour with charcoal and hickory to finish. It disappeared from the serving platter in a hurry.




Cliff Bartlett

R.I.P. 5/17/2021
That brisket looks fabulous Clay. I'm not surprised it disappeared quickly. Indeed that is a plate of goodness. Would have liked to see your fried catfish and bass.

Brad Olson

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We can take Clay's word about the catfish and bass...after all, fishermen never exaggerate. ;)

Nice plate, with both the brisket and what looks like a pretty decent hot dog, too!