TVWBB BBQ & Grilling Team T-Shirts Now Available!

John A. Winston

New member
Chris, I have a closet full of T-Shirts. Would rather send the cost of a shirt to you. Can I do that through PayPal and if so could you post the link for a digitally challenged older guy? Thanks for all you do.

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB All-Star
I would be in the market for a shirt, if they were not Gildan. I'm in an odd place , I guess, Gildan shirts in X-large fit too tight. In Double X-large, they're too big and the mostly cotton fabric doesn't help.

I'm partial to tri-blend T-shirts. Most tri-blend are 50% cotton, 25% polyester, and 25% rayon. They are super soft and a bit stretchy. I think the young buff guys like tri-blend because they fit tight and they can show off their physiques . But I like them cause I can buy a size larger and they fit just the way I like them. And they're soft.

I just bought this tri-blend shirt from Amazon, its 50% cotton, 37% poly, and 13% rayon but I love the fit ......... if Represent could print me TVWBB shirts on this shirt I would be buyer

Jersey tri-blend

Brad Olson

TVWBB Wizard
Son of a...

Lynn, I think you might be on to something. I ordered an XL awhile back and I just now tried it on again, and doggone if it isn't a little bit tight in the chest and shoulders compared to some of my other shirts.

Then again, my workouts make Terry Crews look like a little girly-man so maybe I'm not the best example.;)