TVWB 20th Anniversary Celebration Cake

Sam D

Wow! An amazing cake. Appreciate all you have done with this site and for this community. Well done!

Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Platinum Member
Amazing cake! It's the only way I could get my wife to watch a barbecue video. She loves baking and was really impressed with the cake too!

Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
How cool is that! Thanks for sharing Chris. I'll bet you had a little pang of regret when you initially cut into that cake. There's a lady up here we've met that does specialty cakes for kids birthdays that are pretty good, however yours tops them all. Congrats Chris and thanks for all your hard work and effort creating this virtual place for us to play.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
A big Congratulations to you on the 20th anniversary and a big thank you from Barb and I for all you do to make this forum such a fun and informative place. That cake is unbelievable, looks so real.

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Pretty funny! How did it taste?
At the end of the video, I slice the cake, offer you a slice, eat some myself, say it's delicious, and give my regards to the cake maker.

It did taste grate! A delicious devil's food cake with milk chocolate buttercream frosting. Really moist! But you don't eat the fake meats or the fondant that makes up the shell of the middle cooking section...that stuff is made from food ingredients but are not mean to be eaten.

Doug Selman

TVWBB Super Fan
Mmmmm, cake! Very cool cake Chris. Congrats and thanks so much for the site. All that slice needed was a scoop of vanilla ice cream next to it!

Mark Barton

TVWBB Super Fan
Congratulations on 20 years, Chris!! Fantastic looking cake. Thanks for offering all of us a slice!

Thanks for creating the TVWB website, as well as this awesome forum. I've learned everything I know about barbecue from these resources.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I get the “decoration” thing. I’m glad it was “mostly” edible!
The weird cake war thing of inedible cake makes me want to cry. What a waste of effort and food! I have an incredible Dutch bakery just down the street I have worked with for a long, long, time. I wonder what they might be able to do?
Maybe I need to just start to practice myself...maybe.