Turkey roasts on the kettle

I have a couple of those $10 turkey roasts (dark and white meat combo in a net) to cook Christmas day. Plan to use the kettle just to keep things simple.

Did some years back on the WSM, but don't see any notes from a kettle cook.

Plan to rub with Memphis Meat Dust. Put some unlit briquettes behind fire bricks, then put about 25 lit on top with oak and cherry. Cook the roasts indirect until 150+. (USDA says 165, but if it stays at 150 for 4 minutes, the bugs are supposed to be just as dead.)

Thoughts, tips or experienced advice?
I cooked them per above. Started out fine, but the fire eventually got a little too hot. Should have just cracked the bottom vent.

Turkey tends to be raw, raw, raw, overcooked. The temp really shoots up once it gets close.

These did the same and jumped to 170 before I even thought I needed to put a probe in to monitor.

They were still tasty and not over dry. I'd try it on the kettle again, but with less charcoal and the air more restricted. Will also put the monitor probe in at the beginning.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I’ve not done one on the kettle but, I agree that they are pretty much not don’t until they are almost cinders! The results are the same in the oven if memory serves.
I think your fire management idea is sound, excellent place to start.