turkey question


Frankie C

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I am not even sure where to post this question since it involves multiple cooking questions.

I have a performer with a cajun bandit rotisserie, with this rig I have cooked many turkeys. I have this setup down cold they always come out great, the family loves it and asks for it often. So unless it’s raining sideways or there are 40 mph wind gusts I will cook one for thanksgiving.

I also do a turkey breast with a tequila mango marinade that honestly I prefer over the whole bird that I do on the rotisserie and this is also in big demand around here.

Today I told the kids that I can’t do both and have them ready at the same time since I only have one kettle with a rotisserie. There response was they would buy me a rotisserie for my genesis so at first I thought great that will work and I get a free 80 dollar roto, and about time I got some pay back. Later when I took a carful look at the grill and measured the distance between where the spit rod would be and the flavorizer bars, I found out it’s only about 4 inches. To me no way a turkey would fit on there with a pan under it.

I was thinking about what other options there are, maybe taking out the three center fravorizer bars and covering the two middle burners with foil just to protect them from the drippings they would be off anyway for indirect cook and putting the drip pan under the burners on top of the heat shield. This set up would give me close to 4 more inches or clearance for a total of eight inches. That would be enough room for sure.

Short of buying another kettle with a roto I’m wide open for ideas.

Thanks in advance

Dwain Pannell

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Not much help here. I can see both sides of the argument.

I like the idea of setting up your grill the way you want it to cook. If that means removing cooking grates and using foil I'm all for it.

However, I am also a return on investment kind a guy. How often are you really going to use a rotisserie on the Genesis?

If it were me, I'd probably do the breast on the mini since I already have it.

Ray Crick

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My old (now replaced) Genesis Silver had the same problem, so I just removed the flavorizer bars and covered the center burner eith aluminum foil. Worked well and I did many tirkeys this way.


Bob H.

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If it were me, I would do the breast on the mini WSM. Sort of a flavor trumps convenience
kind of thing.

Frankie C

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First off thank you to everyone who posted answers to my question.

I did a test cook last night with a breast on the mini it tasted great. My wife did the marinade. She starts off with a jar of mango marinade she prefers the one from Omaha steaks of all places then adds silver tequila and green lemon juice. It sat in the fridge for about 8 hours.

Last night there was absolutely no wind at all so it made it that much easier.

Now we just need to wait and see how the weather hold out for next Thursday.

Matt A

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Frankie, mind sharing your rotisserie turkey prep / method? I just bought a rotisserie for my Performer and am doing my first one for Thanksgiving. Thanks.