Transporting 14.5" WSM


Ed Jones

Greetings from the heartland. I've been a WSM owner for many years, starting with a 18.5, upgrading to a 22" (later wishing I had stayed with the 18.5), and then adding a 14.5" to go along with the big boy. I bought the 14.5" for taking camping or family events or for small cooks at home. To transport, I disassemble and place each section in a heavy duty garbage bag but that's a drag. Has anyone found a plastic tote (i.e. Rubbermaid) or something similar that would hold the entire 14.5" WSM upright in it's assembled state for transport? Barring any better ideas, I'm considering finding a plastic trash can with lid that will work, but the ones I have seen have too large a diameter, which means the WSM can flop around inside. Has anyone come across a reasonably elegant solution?

Has anyone come across a reasonably elegant solution?
nothing elegant but my 18" WSM has done many a trip and there's two ways I transport it. I have a 4' roll of vinyl wrap and I wrap it 3 to 4 wraps or I use a motorcycle strap and go through the handle at the top and around the bottom (underneath)

The vinyl is for long hauls (going to the lake, etc) the strap is for taking it to a friends house
I transported my 18.5" for the first time this past weekend. I ended up leaving it in sections so it would fit under the bed cover in my brother's truck. Unfortunately, when loading everything else in, it got a tiny bit squished and the center section is now slightly out of round. Nothing a bit of careful squeezing won't fix, though.

For the 14.5", I think a garbage can is probably your best bet if you can find one the right size. Barring that, I had this crazy thought: cardboard concrete form. They sell those cardboard tubes at HD, Lowes, etc. for pouring concrete pilings/footings. I believe I've seen them in 16" or maybe 18" diameter. That, maybe with a layer of bubble wrap glued inside, seems like it would work well, but you'd need figure out a way to close the ends.
I take my 14.5" on fishing trip and backyard comps all the time. I just run 1 bungie cord from one leg, up through the handle and down to another leg and then put another bungie from the lat let up to the handle itself. If you get them snug you can lift the whole thing as one piece and move it around fine. I have the bungies with plastic hooks and haven't had problems with them rubbing or marking the smoker at all. I move my 18.5 and 22.5 fully stacked with bungies too but they are a lot trickier to get the tension right on so they don't shift while driving.
I use two 48" (I think) bungee cords. I run each through one side of the handle and down to the legs. Then I put the cover on and bungee it to the back seat or wall. It travels very well when it's put together and bungeed.