Thinking about pulling the trigger....


Jeff Beitinger

Not far from me, and asking for only $180 (dropped from 200, which was dropped from 650 2 months ago).
Any way to tell just from these pics if it is a gen 1 or 2?


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It doesn't matter what Generation it is. It's a steal and if it's a gen 1 it probably has the new auger assembly in it and that's the big difference between gen 1 and gen 2.
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If it's stil available and you go look at it, the model number is on the big sticker inside the hopper lid. If the model number ends in 001 it's a gen 1. If it ends in 201 it's a gen 2. The auger assembly is the only important difference in the two generations and I suspect most gen1 owners received the welded assembly and replaced the original.
Darn son, you better just jump on that beast! Hell if that was in my back yard I would as much as I love the 2 pellet poppers I have just so I could join "the club". I am sure it is a great grill and may need a little updating but hell that was a $1k+ grill!
As others have said, do it. Even if you had to buy $200 in parts, it'd be well worth it. Ask if it has been registered. If not, you can register it and may be able to get any necessary parts under warranty.
No way to tell visually unless you’re there in person.

That’s a $1000+/- grill and apparently a $95 cover. For less than $200. I say hell yes get it, that’s a steal! Even if it needs some work done, wow.