ThermoWorks Signals & Billows


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I've had this setup since September last year, it's the Signals 4 channel controller and Billows fan. It comes with 3 meat probes and 1 ambient temperature probe (will grate clip.) It also has all associated cables/adapters to plug it all in. It is complete, ready to drive. I have done maybe 8 - 10 cooks with it, it is in excellent condition. This is an awesome setup for someone who likes geeking out over temperature control. The WiFi feature is very nice, you can connect to your router and then monitor your cook while you go to the store for a 6 pack. Save yourself $100 off retail for a like-new unit.

Why am I selling? I guess I didn't enjoy geeking out as much as I thought I would. All the features are really cool and work really well, but it ain't my bag. I'm going back to my old Auber controller and Mk4 handheld.

Price: $200 OBO shipped
Location: MA, USA
Available: Now, ready to ship