Thermoworks big reveal


Darren Lebner

Let's see....

A wireless connect to a BBQ fire extinguisher to suffocate the coals when the right temperature is reached?

A robotic legs probe that flips the meat over to side 2 at the right time?

Disposable one-time probes that melt in your mouth, not in your hands?

I've got it!

Probes that recognize their owner and anyone else who lifts the lid gets tasered.

(I'm filing patents as I type)

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I have two Thermopops that I've had for years, and they are accurate, and I just replaced the original battery in one, so battery life is excellent also.
I also have a classic Thermopen that occupies space in my drawer as I much prefer the Thermopop.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Olympian
Looks like a ThermoPop 2. Very nice for that price and their name brand. I think Thermoworks is facing some headwinds with its higher end products given the current economic pressures. This seems to be a thoughtful update of an already nice thermometer. When times are tougher, it makes sense to have a strong price leader to offer.
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Jon Tofte

TVWBB Olympian
Yes, it is not meant to be a leave in thermometer. The new one is a little bigger and has a larger and improved display. Maybe slightly faster and also now waterproof. Pretty nice for $35, although that will buy you two decent ThermoPro thermometers with money left over for 3/4 gallon of gas😝!