Thermapen Dot probes


Greg in Utah

I just had my second Dot probe fail in less than 2 years .

Has anyone had better luck or have you found a more durable alternative probe ?

This Dot is only used indoors and it is disappointing to see this level of fragility on a Thermapen product.


TVWBB Olympian
That's strange. I've had my dot for over 5 yrs and still on the original probe.
I use it outdoors sometimes but mostly indoors.

Rick P

I've been using Thermoworks products for years, including the DOT, and have never had a probe fail. I have 5 probes and one probe extender.

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Not sure if you're going to find any of these applicable, but maybe there's some similarity between some of these examples and your indoor usage of these probles. Good luck!