The CI Broiling/Serving Pans in the Featrued Cooking Topic?



The CI pans in the Mac & Cheese recipe featured on the home page... Other than Lodge, are there other cheaper alternatives? I've been looking to get two flat pans for broiling and a few more for serving.

T Waite

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You can check Cabela's although not sure they're any less expensive. I think a lot of their CI is supplied by Lodge. Walmart sells Lodge as well, so you may be able to find it for less money.

Two thoughts when it comes to CI Cookware:

1) It lasts forever, so get something decent. Buy once-Cry once.
2) Some of the cheaper stuff comes from China and can contain higher amounts of lead. No cost savings in the world can compensate for safe cookware.


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Lodge is cheap, & like T Waite says, it lasts forever. It's also made in the USA.

Walmart's in-store stock was limited to their 10" skillet.......when I bought one for family last weekend. I wanted the 12 but I took what I could get.

My advice is get it through amazon & get the free shipping.

As for cleaning it............. I just save the old dish scrubber whenever I get a new one, & the old one turns into my CI scrubber.

Rich Dahl

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Like T Waite said stay away from the Chinese stuff lots of containments in the metal. I got all of mine from garage sales, mostly Lodge. Most I picked up were about 10% of the new list price. But I will say the supply out there is drying up as more people are realizing the advantage of CI.


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But I will say the supply out there is drying up as more people are realizing the advantage of CI.

Even the modestly priced CI pans/skillets bought new for full price are a much greater value than my small stainless all-clad & calphalon collection. Did I say I like CI?

I don't remember the last time I've used a stainless skillet since I started cooking with CI 2-4 years ago. Sauce pans & stock pots (stainless) they still get used regularly.


Thanks for the input all. I apply the "Buy Once/Cry Once" philosophy when I obtain high dollar photography equipment. I pulled the trigger on two Lodge Fajita sets with wooden base and potholder. Maybe my kids will want all of the CI pans in 20 years when I downsize.