The BETTER margarita

Len Dennis

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I've been trying different combos of liquor and came up with one that is right (for me and maybe you).

3 parts tequila (you can use cheap stuff or upgrade to your favorite)
2 parts triple sec (this is pure orange liquor, not mixed with brandy as that is what Grand Marnier is: G.M. is sometimes used but I find the brandy imparts too much of its own flavour to the drink)
1 part lime juice fresh-squeezed

So, for this I use a cocktail shaker.

I find that one lime gives about 1 1/2 oz juice (nuke it for about 25 seconds then roll it with your hand on a hard surface, squeezing down. This will get more juice out of the lime). Cut in half and squeeze into shaker.

I use this kind of reamer to get the juice

Now I go with

3 shots (1 1/2 oz each) tequila
2 shots (1 1/2 oz each) triple sec (any brand)
1 shot lime juice (juice from 1 nuked lime)

Put this in the shaker, put 4-5 whole ice cubes (not crushed) in, put the lid(s) on, wrap in a towel (the can gets super cold) and shake for about 30 seconds.

Pour into TWO glasses (this is nice size for two glassfuls). There will be some cubes left and discard those.

I find the semi-melted cubes add just the right amount of liquid to smooth out everything.

I don't use salt on the rims (your choice though).



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Sounds Great Len! I came here looking for Bloody Mary recommendations and found this----

Chris Conro

Recipe sounds great! The Ms. just picked up a bottle of Don Julio reposado, so I'm going to share this recipe with her.

Arun L.

I haven't made a margarita with triple sec yet. Do you like the taste it adds, vs. just lime juice?

Do you put any sugar?