The 26.75" kettle

Dustin Flavell

First off it was a real treat meeting you at Harry Soo's BBQ 101 class. If you wouldn't have posted the fact that he was coming to NorCal I would not have had an opportunity to take the class. I know it has been said before but you run a first rate site and I can't begin to thank you for all that I have learned here!

On to my question. I read before that your favorite kettle is your 26. If you were Weber king for the day what would you like to see done different to the 26? Perhaps it is fine the way it is? Just curious if you'd like to see gas assist starting, side table(s), cart, ect.

Thank you

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Hi Dustin,

It was great to meet you at Harry's class, too. That was a good time, wasn't it? Wish I had some of those burnt ends right now for breakfast... :) And thanks for the kind words about the forum.

I would like to see a 26" Performer Platinum. That would give you the side table, charcoal storage, wheels, propane lighter, and cook timer. There were some rumors about this a couple of years ago...someone leaked some market research images...only time will tell if they bring something like this to market. My guess is probably not, but then again, prior to August 2008, I never would have guessed that we'd have a 22.5" WSM and a 14.5" WSM. :)