Temperature too high for fish

Steve Rothman

New member
I mostly smoke fish. I'd like to have the temperature in the range of 140 F to 165 F. I have trouble with the WSM keeping it down that low. It wants to come up higher / cook faster, which is ok for meat. But for fish I like to get max smoke before the fish cooks through. If I try reducing the number of coals, the heat actually dies out completely. Then I have to re-do the chimney and go back in with new coals and the temperature jumps above 200 F again pretty quick. There seems to just be a minimum number of coals needed to keep the thing going. This is even with two of the air vents on the bottom shut and one only half open. I'm in Florida, so it's 97 now before I like the fire anyway. Any suggestions on how to keep the temperature lower without putting it out entirely.

Geo S

Snake/fuse method will work, leave the vents open usually, a tight stacked 2 coal snake and a handful of lit coals on one end to get it started


Temp controller with blower/damper.
I do bacon down to 130, have to pinch the top vent off halfway or more. Leaks are enough to raise temp higher than you want it