Superbowl Ribs



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I've never cooked ribs on the kettle before, but I've seen so many great posts (Robert T for example) of ribs cooked on the kettle, I just had to give it a go. This is a progressive thread, updates will come as the occur.

I removed the membrane and put the rub on the ribs, late Saturday and let them sit overnight


I setup the 26er for an indirect cook using my Weber rib rack for the first time


I'm using Kingsford Applewood charcoal, which I've used a couple times in the past. I've found it to light very quickly, burn warmer than other charcoal including the Hickorywood, and as a result, burn faster. I'm planning on cooking ribs at 250, using the top vent in the 26er as my throttle

Ribs went on at 8AM planning on them coming off around 1PM, give or take


Nice blue smoke with this charcoal from the moment you light it


10AM (two hours into the cook) I mopped them with apple juice, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and a dash of smoke paprika (sweet)


I pulled off the two lil' grillies in the front, they tasted great (but were tough)

Updates to follow
Thanks Enrico, I have a good feeling about this cook

My outdoor cat is joining me for this cook, he brought by a Sparrow he caught, I thanked him but suggested he keep it

3.75 hours mopped (added charcoal at the 3 hour mark)


This is looking like a 6 hour cook, not 5....
Looking great Chuck. I'm getting ready to buy a performer so I'm real interested in ribs done on a kettle.
Nice post Chuck, bet those ribs will be great. Been doing my BBs HH on the performer for awhile now. Jim Lampe showed the way and I'm amazed how good and tender they come out in under three hours.
Keep us posted.
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ChuckO the post master general, delivering again and again, like those bones Chuck.
Hit the five hour mark and looks like at least one more to go




Meanwhile, another family favorite comes together. Four Cheese smoked Mac & Cheese

Lovingly prepared by my bride


Going on the WSM at 250 degrees


The boys are working...

I could not believe it, I put them on at 8AM and at 2PM I had to rush them off. They were very good, they were not fall off the bone, but the came off the bone clean. They got woofed as soon as I got there...

I didn't get a picture of them coming off, but my bride got one of the last plate served, 15 minutes after arrival (half hour late)


These ribs were amazing, even coming off the grill early. I am so hooked on kettle ribs, and I'm all done with HH cooks. This was a 6 hour cook, that could have gone 7 hours (give or take) and it's my new go to cook. There are many fantastic HH rib cooks on this sight, and there are only but a few low and slow cooks (in kettles) and I stand before my maker swearing that low and slow is the way to go. Thanks to Robert T and others who teach share this method, it's truely a lost art (on the kettle)

As for my brides smoked Mac & cheese......If you weren't sad.....your loss....



This is the table of food at half you see any ribs or mac & cheese? :)

Awesome color on the ribs and that mac and cheese both to die for. Everything looks delicious Chuck and Mrs.
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Great looking Ribs, and you can't go wrong with that smoked mac n cheese! Nice cook!