Sunday morning....


Tony R

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Anthony and me wake up early to get breakfast ready on Sunday morning.....



But then Maribel said to get the genesis ready instead. She said that the bacon comes out better on the gas grill.



Saturday nights dinner was chicharron en chile verde.

But first a fideo soup




My mom is loving all the food we are making. :eek:

Thanks for stopping by

Tony and Maribel
That is definitely a meal I would make. That's great you have a helper too. Maybe a couple more years my girls can assist me.
Looks killer! But, no chorizo with those eggs? Sinful! ;)

Chicharron with chile verde is something I'm going to have to try soon.
Looks great as always Tony! Would love to hear how you made the chicharron en chile verde.

It's super easy.
Make the green sauce. Break up the chicharron and place in pot. Then add the sauce and bring to a boil. I'm going to make this again and I will post a thread.