summit restore next up


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i am restoring 2 of these grills


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Jon Tofte

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I am not a fan of those current Summits, but if the firebox is intact without burn-through and the cabinetry isn't rusted out, I am sure they can cook well with all the components working properly. For me, they are just too heavy, too complicated and too prone to rust. I hope, however, that you have better success than I did:Summit JUNK with logo.jpeg


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Jon's pile is bigger.



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It's very funny to me, and maybe only natural, but the older we males get, the more we tend to compare scars and old injuries and our aches and pains.

So a BrucePile™ is a perimeter defense?
hi i have a question how do you get those little BBQs you have on the bottom of your post