Stuffed chicken and rice


Dwain Pannell

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I rendured bacon to get the fat, removed the lardons, added a half diced onion and sautéed until translucent, added a bit of garlic and mushrooms. After the mushrooms cooked a bit added a fist full of spinach poured a little water to get get the steam started, returned the bacon bits to the pan added a few bread crumbs, and covered it. Meanwhile, I deboned a chicken add a bit of butter and seasoned with SPOG. I allowed the spinach, mushroom, bacon, onion mixture cool then topped the chicken with it. I trussed the chicken and then smoke/roasted it over live coals on the WSM (no water pan). I then made a velouté with herb de provence in the same pan I used for the bacon/mushroom/spinach mixture. Served along side a simply rice dish and a Pub Ale. Not bad for a $5 chicken. Cheers!







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Dwain, great job. Not only does it look pretty, it also looks delicious. Even tho you did not write it up like a recipe, at least we know what is in it. lol (love all the ingredients).

THANK YOU!!!!! :love:

Rich G

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Dwain, that is gorgeous! Nicely done and great write up for others to follow as well. I've got a chicken defrosting and may have to give this a go!



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Wow, that looks insanely good. Not sure I would have ever finished though. I would have been spooning that bacon/mushroom/spinach stuffing into my gullet with a shovel. Impressive truss too.