Stoker owners - Probe LEDs - Do you use them?


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Hi everyone,

Some of you might have seen that I'm attempting to put together some resources to keep Stoker owners supplied with blowers and probes. It looks like we've accomplished a basic level of that already by using a 3rd party thermocouple board and k-type thermocouples. My question to all of you, who own and use a Stoker, is.... do you use the LEDs on your probes? I personally only visually check the fan plug to see how frequently the fan is firing. But I'm curious about the rest of you??? Do you alarm your cooks and use the LEDs on your probes to visually alert you of an alarm situation?

I'm considering a run of probe electronic boards that would fit in the plug like Rock's and offering them for sale. Omitting the LEDs would make it easier, and less expensive. So I'm just curious about folks in the wild, if the LEDs on PROBES are useful or not? My target cost to Stoker owners would be roughly in the neighborhood of what Rock charged...

So these boards could go directly from the plug right to a probe tip (stainless 3mm tips ordered already), or to a k type wire connector. Basically, cloning Rock's probes.....

Let me know if you use probe LEDs or not when you have a moment.

Thank you!

Also, if you'd like to follow along my follies on this little project....
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I do for sure use the LED's. I typically run multiple eggs and it really helps when you have 2 fans and between 4 and 6 probes to give you an idea of what is what. I try and use the back ports for 1 pit (L egg) and the front ports for the second pit (XL egg).

I have recently acquired a vertical gravity feed which, I hope, will hold enough that I don't have to run 2 pits at all, but I will probably still run 2 sometimes.