Stick immersion blenders - any reccos of buy and/or avoid?



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Still reading. Leaning towards at least 500 watts, prefer SS. I’m figuring some deals are about to sprout as the holiday season approaches.
mine is around 300 watts. maybe 280 ? never felt it was under powered.

I made 6 quarts of sunday gravy with italian sausage and wanted it smooth and it easily took care of business.

I'm not pushing mine, just saying that wattage may not be the only thing.


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I love to make soup too. One of my favorites is turkey noodle soup with homemade egg noodles. I use the immersion blender on the vegetables I put in the stock along with the turkey carcass. I double or triple strain the stock before making the soup. I like to maximize the flavor and color that the carrots, celery, and onions add to the broth. Try it, you'll love it.
my smoked turkey carcass made four quarts of stock that went into the freezer. two will be used for turkey day gravy base. I didn't have time to make soup. maybe next week.

Steve Hoch

made 6 quarts of sunday gravy with italian sausage and wanted it smooth and it easily took care of business.
I use mine to make spaghetti sauce as well, the stains on it bear that out. You know, it took me a long time to get my Italian wife to stop calling spaghetti sauce gravy. I don't know why that bothers me, but it does plus I'm the one that makes it. Gravy goes on mashed potatoes!

Ed P

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tell me about fluffy scrambled eggs?

blended up before cooking? or during the cook? I think want to try this.
You try it once and it will be the only way you will want them! She's sleeping next to me right now so I prolly won't get an intelligent answer, but I'm reasonably certain she mixes ... I woke her up ...but she adds milk to the eggs and uses the Bamix to mix the two together. How much milk? Whatever looks good. Do you use milk in your scrambled eggs? The aerating with the blender is the magic. But yeah, before the cook.

Ed P

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That's what she said. No, really...that's what my wife said. I think cold whole milk would be better, in small amounts, or not at all. It might just be a way to extend the eggs (my wife comes from humble's really hard to break her of her thrifty habits).
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Ed, I hear you. my Dad was born in the 20s and grew up in Ohio during the depression. I learned a lot from him on finances, though I don't always practice his level of financial restraint.

As far as milk in eggs, I'm willing to try anything for the flavor.


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Emerill calls these things the "boat motor" :ROFLMAO: I had lumpy gravy once, the boat motor fixed that quick! The wife uses it for some salad dressings, they seem to stay emulsified forever once she uses it.


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Sunday gravy is GRAVY because you cook it with meat. (neck bones, braciola. etc) Marinara is SAUCE! No meat. Also Bolognese is GRAVY again because of the meat. If you're going to be married to an Italian it's not her that needs to learn :D

Steve Geissler

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Costco also has this Braun, 500 Watt

anyone have feedback on it?
We bought this exact one a couple of months ago after our daughter dropped the old one off the counter. We've used it for frozen smoothies and blending sauces. So far so good. I did a fair amount of research before taking the plunge. I think a combination of the Costco return policy and the $20 discount helped make the final decision. I think the other one I was researching was a Cuisinart.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I put milk in scrambled eggs too, but not too much or they will be watery.
I‘venbeen using a small dollop of sour cream in mine and SWMBO is in love with them! Not a lot but, they turn out so fluffy it’s crazy! Don‘t remember where I saw it but, I’m sold, just whipped with a whisk or even a fork.


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so which one are you buying ?
Amazon had a promo for me on this one:

I'm beginning to think Amazon drops promos to specific buyers based on some AI data to spur a sale. Well it worked as the savings motivated me to buy this one. And if I don't like it, I'll send it back as I have till Jan 31 to keep or kill it.

TY all for your input and reccos. Decision was based on reviews and overall baseline performance. This isn't replacing my Blendtec blender which I'm beyond happy with. So I just needed "strong enough" to make a few recipes and run a few basic tasks.
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