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Steak night


Darryl - swazies

TVWBB Wizard
Nothing crazy, big *** N.Y. strip steak, first asparagus of the season, which was super fresh and pierogis.
Haven’t posted in a while just wanted to get something up. Steak was a medium, a bit over for me, nice char on the asparagus.
The starch was mushroom truffle potato.


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John K BBQ

TVWBB All-Star
Nice looking steaks - I overshoot temperatures once in a while... Used to happen a lot when I was trying to reverse sear. I have better luck with searing and moving to indirect to get to finish temperature.


TVWBB Super Fan
Perfection. Looks like the type of meal I cook for myself when the old lady is out of town. Only thing missing is a paso zin and some colter wall. Well done!

Darryl - swazies

TVWBB Wizard
Thanks for looking, nothing difficult there at all.....the steak was very marbled, cut from a roast...ate like a roast more than a steak.

Darryl - swazies

TVWBB Wizard
I like how your plated food doesn’t touch each other item. I sense a little OCD?

Dinner looks spectacular!
Not so much that I am aware of anyways.......
I do enjoy mixing all the foods on the plate with my fork while I eat, unlike someone I know who has to eat all the foods in order which I find odd.
All the beans, then all the potatoes then all the meat...odd yes, but I know more than one person who eats like that.
Thanks for the compliment, I was a tad bit hungover so keeping it easy was my main focus.
Not this weekend though ( long weekend here in Canada with holiday Monday ).....trying to evade being asked to work Saturday or the holiday Monday so I can get 2 good cooks in.
Looking to make cubano Saturday....we will see what else we come up with for Sunday.......I have a boat load of different cuts from most of the meats any suggestions?