St Louis Spares


j biesinger

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Hello all, it's been a while!

About a month ago, we hosted our third winter bbq party to support our competition efforts. Basically we cook a ton of food and ask that people bring donations of things we use during contests like: paper towels, aluminum foil, garbage bags, paper plates, etc. Everybody is usually pretty generous and it's a good excuse to have some fun when nothing else is really going on. In addition to endless appetizers, I cooked 2 Australian wagyu briskets, 2 pork butts, and a case of St Louis spares. The briskets were cooked HH the day of the party, but I did the ribs and the butts the day before. I reheated the ribs on a Holland gasser which worked really well for this application. The ribs got rave reviews, but in the midst of things, I didn't really get to enjoy them. I managed to find a small 5 bone rack in my fridge a day or two later so I decided to try out an idea I had. I used a white plastic table cloth as a seamless back drop, which allowed my to plate the ribs right on it with some sauce splashed on. Even a few days later, they were probably some of the best I've made. They were a little smaller than I was used to, and it was probably why I managed to cook them so well. The smoke ring went all the way through and they had a perfect bite to them.

pork butt





the funny thing was I had this idea to shoot ribs like that for some time now, and after doing it, the next day I see this:

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The pics look outstanding. To bad there isnt a category at comps for food photography, id say you'd get a call every time on those.


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Holy smokes those rib pictures look like you could just grab one through your puter monitor and eat.

j biesinger

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thanks everybody! It's been a slow grilling winter for me, but I promise to get back at it this spring. I keep telling myself that one of these years I'm actually going to practice my comp recipes and try out some new stuff, but I never do and end up cooking the same stuff I've been doing over and over again to limited success.


Too bad one cannot eat pictures, well, I guess one could, but you get the point............................d