Spinning the Bird


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Had a bone in turkey breast lurking in the freezer and since we are trying to clean out some of the older things it was turkey time.
Decided to do it simple and spin it on the rotisserie on the E320.
Salt, pepper and a bunch of thyme in the cavity.
Ran the E320 at 350 dome temperature and it hit 165 at about the three hour mark.
Let it rest under foil for about 30 minutes while the broccoli steamed and the baker’s finished up.
The turkey was super moist and tender, sure can’t beat a roti for doing those.
Really enjoyed the meal.
Although I’m starting to miss the smell of KBB at startup…Did I really say that?
I wish it would rain so I could play with charcoal but not a drop so far. It’s so dry I had to go out and water our cactus!

Have a great week, stay safe and stay cool.



At one hour


Rich that is one of the best looking T B I've seen in some time and that plated picture is outstanding. Oh hell, the entire post is outstanding.
Thanks, Bill
Yum! Thanksgiving in August! I Like it! Really like spinning turkey breasts. Wish I had one in the freezer, but I don't. I looked at the store last time I was there and they didn't have any. I think its stupid that we can only get turkey for three months out of the year.
Wow looks incredible. We’ve always picked up an “extra” turkey at thanksgiving for the sole purpose of smoking during the summer, but we didn’t grab one this year:( super jealous!
The two shots of the bird resting and of the slice off the breast are magazine quality! My daughter was just asking for a whole chicken cook, hope I can get close with my poultry!