J Grotz

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I think the reason they are so small and there are so many of them is because mamma spider took up residence in your truck and her egg sac just hatched.

Phil Perrin

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LOL, spiders don't bother me.
Years ago, I saw a customer jump about 3 feet sideways as he came out of a door.
I asked what was up, and he pointed at the spiderweb and the yellow and black garden spider.
I was like, "Watch this", and started blowing on the spider in his web.
This guy almost fainted as the spider started shaking the web!
I stopped messing with him after that, but kept scaring him by asking "Is that a spider?" almost every time I saw him!

Rusty James

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A sealed up vehicle parked in the hot sun should kill any insect. I'm always finding dead critters around the dash. Direct sun is also good for killing mold.