Snowy Day Lamb


Bill Schultz

TVWBB Hall of Fame
We had sideways blowing snow today so my rotisserie cook got cancelled. Thought I would share as this little Smoker/Roaster is superb. Lamb Roast opened up and garlic slivers and herbs all through the inside. Then tied it up and did the outside. Yukons, carrots, shrooms, onions and one half a bulb of Fennel for flavor. One container of beef broth and at 250 for 6 hours.




So tender it was hard to slice


Just happened to have some Sourdough Biscuits in the house :) along with a good bottle of Spanish Rioja and some left over Mac & Cheese


It was a great wintery day meal

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Looks wonderful Bill. I'll box you up some kalifornia weather and send it you way
Superb cook Bill. That roaster, with all that goodness, looks fabulous. Perfect lead in with the snowy shot through your window. Winter meal indeed! It was 81 here today.
Wow Bill good call. That is one great looking cook even if it is inside. But the scene looking out that window I would have done the same. Might look into one of those smoker roasters, seems to work very well.
I won't mention that its going to be in the mid 70s here this week, I promise.
That is one fantastic dinner Bill. Love the view out your window. Just give me a nice warm fire, glass of wine and a good book and I'd be a happy camper waiting for dinner to cook.:)
It's been in the mid to high 80's here for the last week or so. More in the making as far as I can tell. Don't miss the snow/cold.
Dinner looks great - love comfort food & yours is over the top.
We need to eat more lamb.